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Feature Ad - Tasmanian Dairy Products Feature - Business in Focus - May 2013

Maxipack Block Top Bag

Australian based Amcor St. Regis Bates has been manufacturing sacks for the export of Dairy based powders for many years. The market has grown at between 5 and 10% over the past 10 years and is now the largest export earner for Victoria Australia. The predominantly skim and full cream milk powder is exported in 35,000 containers to destinations all around the world.



Maxipack Block Top Bag development wins Dairy Industry Association of Australia Innovation Award.

DIAA Innovation Award winning bags and trophy with key facilitators of the project at Dairy Industry conference, Melbourne, Australia after receiving the coveted award.
Left to Right: Gerard Lourey (Murray Goulburn Co-op Dairy), Larry Challis (Amcor), Fred Scanlen (Amcor), David Aucamp (Innopak)

Innopak developed the prototype Maxipack bag sealing and closing machine and subsequent production models for Amcor.


One of the downfalls of other systems is their inability to easily change from one product to another and back again. Trials showed that it is necessary to alter the method and amount of deairation as the product various, if the filled bag weigh alters and for each type of product. The Innopak system uses simple PLC control, via an operator interface. Up to 10 different ‘recipes’ or sequences can be stored and recalled (by product name/weight etc) to offer quick adjustment and changeover.


Technology NZ / Foundation for Science, Research & Technology



No ‘too hard’ basket at Innopak

Some packing problems appear just too hard or too expensive to solve but an Auckland-based company is making business out of tackling jobs that others find too tricky.

The latest project on Innopak Ltd’s drawing board is researching new technologies to rapidly eliminate air from large bags of dairy powders. Processes have already been developed to vacuum pack 200 – 300 grams of coffee into airtight bricks but Innopak director, David Aucamp, says trying to apply that same process to equipment used to pack 25kg bags of powder would be as challenging as transforming a car into an aeroplane.


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