Project Funding

Innopak has relationships with the NZ government organisations and local enterprise growth organizations.

Innopak has previously received a significant grant where 50% of the costs were reimbursed, under the Technology for Business Growth scheme (TBG).

Certain criteria must be met to receive a grant and there are many types of grants available. There are various levels of assistance, not only financial but also by making outside expertise available to assist.

Using Innopak’s previous experience we can assist with selection of the correct grant and preparation of an application for a grant. We can also call on 3rd party services assist in application preparation if required.

Leasing. Innopak can also provide various forms of finance, such as lease arrangements.

Payment Terms. Innopak endeavour to find mutually beneficial payment terms that make purchase of equipment or services straight forward.

The above are examples of our goal of Removing the Pain

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