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One of Innopak’s main activities is solving unusual or challenging applications in the world of packing of powders and granules.

There are two inherent philosophies at Innopak:
1. ‘not to reinvent the wheel’
2. ‘the best solution’

As such, our knowledge of available equipment plus our network of contacts enables us to, in the first instance, check whether there is already an available solution at the right price. If there isn’t anything suitable, we then embark down a brain storming path to see if we can design a custom solution. Full confidentiality is assured to allow competitive advantage to be gained by our customers.

Our service includes development of new equipment as well as enhancement of existing plant. Case studies can be provided to show how this has been done.

Innopak can also assist with aspects associated to packing, such as feed systems to packers and finished package processing.
Innopak has no hesitation in recommending equipment from a supplier with whom we do not have a direct relationship, in keeping with our philosophy of the ‘best solution’.

As stated previously, Innopak primarily operates in the powder/granule product groups.
While these are usually food type products, we also have experience with chemicals and other materials such as plaster, china clay, cement based products, fertilizer etc.

Innopak has also been involved in other aspects of materials handling and packing such as fruit sorting/packing, quality control in the aqua culture industry, fruit processing and blending operations, spare parts packing, can handling and generally where ever a problem needs resolving that requires our team’s skills, knowledge and lateral thinking.

Innopak’s focus extends to the quality assurance aspect of products and packing.
Our auto sampler range enables us to provide sampling systems for all types of powders and granules.

Tamper evident and anti fraud systems have also been developed to provide this.

Our alliance with ControlVision Ltd allows us to integrate vision systems for product and package inspection.

Some of our projects have required us to develop some specific equipment, which is now marketed and sold by Innopak.

These products are:
• AL620 Pedestal sealer closer for stepped end bags. This machine is designed to meet the requirement for an economical solution for lower capacity producers of bagged products around the 1½ bags per minute rate.

• Powder sampling systems of various configurations including vacuum sampling, auger sampling and plug sampling. Ancillary equipment such as sample diverters, coders and sample collection using form fill equipment is also offered.

• Amcor Maxipack sealer closer. Innopak developed this equipment for Amcor and is a licensed manufacturer and integrator. The Maxipack is a block top/block bottom multi wall bag used primarily for dairy powders and offers significant savings to users.

• Powder deairation systems such as stand alone suction probes, specialised vibration devices and the like. These systems increase the density of powders by air removal and assist in stack stability, damage reduction and reducing shipping volume.

As part of the QA and Food Safety aspect of Innopak’s services, a range of proven Temperature Data Loggers is also available. There are two main models, electronic unit known as the ‘IN2+’ and a traditional strip chart logger utilising bi-metal coil technology. Both are very competitively priced and well respected products in the food industry.

In summary, Innopak can:

a) Source the best equipment for an application.
b) Develop new equipment or modifications to existing equipment to meet a
specific need or overcome a problem.
c) Provide problem solving advice.
d) Provide project and/or quote analysis.
e) Prepare packing project specifications.

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