Company History

Our experience in packing began in late 1960’s with small form fill machines packing 3g sachets of sugar, followed by various other products in sachets such as instant coffee and including the very challenging 454g packs of skim milk powder for export to South America. 
During this period many products were packed, not only in sachets, but also in blister packs, tablet strips and in roll wrappers.
Equipment was often designed and manufactured for each product.
Development of specialised filling devices and other solutions were often required. 
This equipment was manufactured and used daily, so experience was gained in 
‘living with a design’ on a daily basis. This experience has proven invaluable in Innopak’s projects. We understand the requirement for reliable, easy and low maintenance equipment.
The vast experience with milk powder packing lead to involvement in the development of 25kg multi wall bag fillers and associated equipment for the NZ dairy industry, and subsequently the world market.
Upon this background, time was spent in a specialised packing equipment sales role for a large multinational company in the food industry.
Following on this, was a period in the aerosol filling industry managing operations and engineering. This included installation of new filling lines and other equipment.
Returning to dairy powder packing, a further 15 years was spent as an equipment supplier/designer of total packing lines. During this period fully automated lines became the standard and a knowledge of automation and process was gained.
Innopak began business in September 1998 with 30 years packing experience. 
Our desire is to share our experience and assist others to over come packing problems and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. This has taken place in a number of arenas since 1998.
Initial projects were within the New Zealand dairy industry for clients such as Northland Dairy and Kiwi Dairy (now part of Fonterra)
This has now broadened to include major dairy industry clients in Australia and USA, as well as other large manufacturers of powdered and granular products and packaging materials in several countries.
Innopak has evolved into a respected resource drawn upon by many international companies providing packaging or packing powders and granules, with over 90% of sales outside New Zealand.

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