About Us

Innopak is located at 29 Neilpark Drive, Highbrook, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city with a population of 1.4 million.

This location is close to the main motorways/arterial routes (Highbrook exit on Southern Motorway) and within 30 minutes of Auckland International Airport, Port of Auckland and downtown Auckland city. 
There are good quality hotels, motels, shopping and restaurants within 10 minutes of our location.
 Innopak is a member of GETBA, ‘Greenmount East Tamaki Business Association’. 

The Highbrook/East Tamaki/Manukau corridor is the largest producer of goods and services in NZ. Companies such as Ford, Panasonic, Fisher and Paykel, Merck, Honda and others operate within this area. As such it is well serviced by many multinational suppliers (e.g. Festo, Rockwell, SEW Eurodrive, Nalco etc) as well as many engineering suppliers, engineering workshops, laser and water cutters, excellent sheetmetal & general fabrication shops and other resources which Innopak utilises. 
All suppliers are generally less than 10 minutes drive away.

The location is therefore ideal for the type of work Innopak carries out. 
Innopak’s facility contains offices, staff facilities and workshops.   Areas are dedicated to electrical assembly, machining, mechanical assembly, product development and testing.

The workshop is used for customer trials, prototype assembly/testing and assembly of commercial equipment.

The premises are well secured and have ample off street parking.
There is good access for loading shipping containers and trucks.

sub assemblies and manufacturing parts for all Innopak equipment are held at 29 Neilpark Drive. 

Many of Innopak’s NZ customers are within a 2 hour drive and Australian customers only a 3 ½ hour flight away. Same day service is therefore very practical. 
The west coast of North America is a 12 hour flight from Auckland and there is a 3 - 5 hour overlap of working hours during the year. This promotes good same day communications and allows overnight replies by either party, facilitating efficient communication and almost two days work to be accomplished in one day.

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