Welcome to the Innopak Website

Since 1998 Innopak have been solving unusual and/or challenging issues in the world of packing powders and granulesbased on background of 40+ years experience  in packing food and other powders.

There are two inherent philosophies at Innopak:

1. Not to Reinvent the Wheel
2. The Best Solution 

As such, our knowledge of available equipment, our network of contacts plus regular attendance to packaging expos enables us to, in the first instance, determine whether there is already an available solution at the right price. If there isn’t anything suitable, we then embark down a brain storming path to see if we can design a custom solution or modify something that is close to being what is required.

Full confidentiality is assured to allow competitive advantage to be gained by our customers.

Solving these problems is the challenge we ENJOY.  

"You can't build a reputation on what you are GOING to do" Henry Ford


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